Chianti Classico

The Apex of a Quality Winemaking Tradition.

According to the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, the Chianti Classico region comprises nine municipalities, situated between the cities of Siena and of Florence. Four of these municipalities are entirely within the historical boundaries of the Black Rooster area, while five of them are partially within that limit. Among the municipalities that are entirely located within the Territory is Castellina in Chianti, home to the Cecchi winery.


The winery is located in a prized location in Chianti. The wide valley that rises towards Castellina offers a gentle landscape, uncommon for the rugged terrain of Chianti. This allows for an excellent exposure to sunlight, which can guarantee perfect ripening of the grapes.


The land dates back to the Pliocene Era – clay with limestone deposits, yellow sand and marine fossils are all present in the soil. The nature of the soil together with the climate lend an imprint and matrix of flavor that stands out in the wines of Castellina. They are wines that play upon the delicate floral aromas for a broad and warm flavor that is supported by an agreeable level of acidity.