Odd Bacchus: Cecchi Proves Chianti Deserves 'Serious Attention'

Rob Frisch, author of the Odd Bacchus blog, who took a close look at Cecchi’s wines from Maremma a few weeks ago, is in now with a post on the winery’s Chiantis that’s well worth a read. A key excerpt:


(Andrea Checchi’s) Chianti Classico is his winery’s best-seller in the United States, and after trying it, I can see why. A blend of 90% Sangiovese with the remainder composed of the traditional Colorino and Canaiolo varieties, the 2012 Cecchi Chianti Classico ($21) had a bright and cheerful aroma of red fruit, notably strawberries and cherries, and a hint of star anise. The wine filled my mouth with dark-red fruit, but like the other Cecchi wines I’d already tried, this Chianti Classico had distinct dryness to it. Some light spice in the middle led to some supple tannins on the finish. This was no rough-and-tumble Chianti. The wine had real elegance.


In addition to tasting several Cecchi Chiantis, Frisch also sampled COEVO and found it to his liking:


The fruit was positively sumptuous — rich and round — and just enough spice perked up to keep it in balance. The wine moved seamlessly from one flavor to the next, culminating in the slow and steady development of exquisitely fine-grained tannins.


Go to Odd Bacchus, here, to see this in-depth report.