Cecchi: It All Began in 1893

The Cecchi family and brand is synonymous with viticulture, both in Italy and throughout the world.

The history of the winery is a compelling story of a family, articulated by passion, dedication to the land, and a brilliant entrepreneurial spirit. Using the strength gained from their experience of more than 100 years of love for the land, today the Cecchi family takes on the challenges of the future with that same enthusiasm.


In 1863, Luigi Cecchi was born in Poggibonsi, a Tuscan village 15km west of where he would one day become a well-known winemaker. His father cultivated plots of land where both he and his brother Francesco worked side-by-side. Luigi immediately showed great willingness and initiative, especially in matters of wine tasting and evaluating.


From a young age he started assisting companies with his love and knowledge in wine cultivating, making and tasting. In 1893 he decided to become an official wine taster. During this time he rented two warehouses where he conducted his own wine tasting business while simultaneously working the fields with his family.


The business was successful and began to develop in Colle Val d’ Elsa and the Maremma. Luigi and his wife raised five children. In the early twentieth century his son Cesare began working with him. Together they gave life to the first signs of marketing for Cecchi wine. Now Luigi’s grandsons Cesare and Andrea run the family business.