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2011 Coevo: 95-97 Points from Tuscan Vines

2011 Coevo – 95-97

Coevo_NV-75The past is gone and the future doesn’t exist yet. Time is now. Coevo, is contemporary. First created in 2006, Cecchi’s Coevo is only made in the absolute best vintages and the blend, a contemporaneous portrayal of the current vintage, changes each year. This is the 4th Tre Bicchieri for Coevo. The 2011 is a blend of 50% Sangiovese, 20% Petit Verdot, 20% Merlot and 10% Cabernet. The former and latter varieties come from Cecchi’s estate in Castellina and the middle varieties from their estate in Maremma. The result is a snapshot of the Tuscan vintage across the region. Coevo is awesome. It’s fast becoming one of my favorite Tuscans and deserves the accolades it receives. It’s soulful, complex, rich, ripe and concentrated and although it’s a blend of many grapes, it’s consistently based in a majority of Sangiovese that allows the wine to retain true Tuscan character…It’s a full bodied wine complete with aromas of leather, black fruit, tobacco, earth and spices. Flavors follow the nose and the wine is in near perfect balance between fruit, tannin, acid and complexity.

Tuscan Vines

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